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Unofficial Fan Site

Retiring from hosting the site. Please visit Pinnacle's Forums for many conversions.

Welcome to Savageheroes.com!  This is a fan  and not official site for the "Fast, Furious, Fun" Savage Worlds rpg from Pinnacle.  The site hosts links to a variety of world settings for Savage Worlds.

Published SW - Content for published Savage Worlds products
Adventures - Posted adventures
Other RPGs - Conversions of other RPGs
Other Media - Conversions of other media (Star Wars, Mass Effect, ...)
Original - Original creations
Showdown - Savage Showdown conversions

  SWD = Savage Worlds Deluxe 2011
  SWEX = Savage Worlds Explorers 2007
  SWR = Savage Worlds Reloaded 2004
  SW = Savage Worlds the original 2002

The linked items will start having dates and versions by them.  Authors are welcome to update the data listed or send updates.

There are many conversions and discussions regarding conversions at the Pinnacle forums.