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Adventures Author Last Update Ver Genre Description
Roswell: 1897 Patrick Phillips     western It's 1897 and the US government's top secret Office of Aerial Intelligence has just barely managed to cover-up the news of an alien airship crash at Aurora, Texas. And now word has arrived that another spacecraft has crashed near a small New Mexico cow-town named Roswell!
The Crown of Alice Kevin Anderson and Lanse Tryon     fantasy A Savage World adventure set in the world of Alice in Wonderland
Animal Day Conan Purves     barn yard/survival The animals have united together to rid the earth of all humans. The Hilliard family are the first victims. Can they survive? Only if you lead them, in this fast, furious and fun adventure replete with action, gore and compelling family drama.
Call of the Ruby Savage Joker     fantasy Savage Joker is doing some great adventure conversions to share with the fans.
Fantasy Adventures mysticbull     fantasy  
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Char Sheet
J. Carpio "Dregg"   SW pulp heroes Character sheet.
"The Iron Chancellors Revenge" was a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen adventure written for I-CON and the release of Savage worlds. I did not stat out the Antagonists, but the scenario speaks for itself.
The Revenge of the LicheMaster       fantasy A continuation of Pinnacle's free adventure "Red Swamp".
Nullifiers Demands David Bezio     supers A Supers story arc for Savage Worlds.  Issue #1 Hero Lost, Heroes born! TWO THUMBS UP!
No Mans Land William Littlefield     modern Originally a d20 adventure. Conversion notes.
The Legacy of Nemo Patrick Phillips     rippers A man like Nemo simply doesn't vanish. He leaves a changed world behind him.
Untold Stories delbert3us@netscape.net     pulp Pulp in a flood.  Great stuff.
MyEnemy Adventure Mike McCall     fantasy Savage Warcraft... in progress. more progress. Added an adventure with paper minatures.
Loads of Adventures Paul     fantasy, pirates,
sci-fi, and more
- Prison of Abazad
- Trail of the Devastator
- Alyris: the Soul Gem
Pirates of the Spanish Main
- In the Chains of Del Grillo
Pulp -- Rocketship Empires 1936
- Temple of the Fire God
- The Big Show
Battlestar Galactica, Modern, Supers, Sci-Fi, and more

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